Tax Planning for Dental Contractors

Independent dental contractors offer a special level of personal care to their patients. To maintain your high level of patient satisfaction you need to focus on the needs of patients, not accounting and tax planning issues. Dentists working as Independent Contractors consistently pay higher taxes and face higher amounts of penalties and interest due to them being unaware of tax strategies that are available to them.

After seeing this year after year, we designed the Dental Contractor Tax Savings Program.  An all inclusive program at a low monthly fee that gives you access to a team that works specifically with hundreds of dental contractors such as yourself. Our program provides you everything needed from tax planning, tax preparation and access to our Dental Tax Strategist team that keeps you compliant while saying thousands of dollars in taxes.

We understand the unique support dental contractors require because we have experience working with hundreds of other dentists just like you.

Call us at 713-396-3172 to find out how we can handle your accounting and bookkeeping tasks and offer innovative business strategies to help you open your own dental practice. We offer a free initial consultation to get started.

Our accounting and tax services for dental contractors include:

Dental Independent Contractor Accounting Services

Consider outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping to save money, time and headaches. With our help you'll no longer have the need to pay an in-house bookkeeper or manage an accounting department.

Tax preparation and planning for Dental Independent Contractors

We do much more than prepare your annual taxes. At Virjee Consulting, PLLC we work hard to design a tax planning strategy that will manage your company's tax liability and decrease your effective tax rate.

Practice management consulting

Our practice management consulting services will not only improve operations and simplify accounting procedures but with our financial guidance your business will stay profitable and find ways to grow.